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KinderRiegel YouTube Banner

In addition to the KinderRiegel Site Relaunch, Gosub commissioned a banner for YouTube to advertise the relaunch. Again I worked as the 3D TD on this project.

©gosub & respective clients

KinderRiegel Site Relaunch

For the website relaunch of KinderRiegel, Gosub designed an apartment with four rooms in which both characters would live. I worked on this project as the 3D TD and was responsible for everything except animation.

©gosub & respective clients

Rosa Roth Interactive TV

ZDF (“Second German Television”) commissioned an interactive online format that was available to the audience while the three part crime series “Rosa Roth” was being aired. Gosub developed the format that enabled the audience to explore different aspects of the series story interactively online. My job was to edit and compose various clips form the series to fit the format. No 3D this time.

©gosub & respective clients

Ice Age 2 Promo Packaging

One of my 3D props made it onto the packaging of Kinder Choco Fresh! More information here.

Ice Age 2 Promo

For the start of Ice Age 2 in Germany, Gosub developed a couple of Ice Age themed Flash mini games for Kinder, a subsidiary of Ferrero. I worked on this project as a 3D generalist and animator. My material was implemented as 2D sprites into the games.

©gosub & respective clients


SF (“Swiss Television”) commissioned a racing game for the children’s TV show “tubii”. Gosub developed this Shockwave based game that children can see being played on TV and are able to play at home on their computers. My job included modeling, texturing, animation, level design and of course beta testing.

©gosub & respective clients

King Kong Promo

Yet another set of mini games Gosub developed. This time for Kinder Maxi King with a King Kong theme. The games were available to the public during the start of King Kong in Germany.
I was responsible for the production of all 3D elements for one of the games, called “The Temple”.

©gosub & respective clients

Mini Exhibition Stand

For the introduction of the new Mini convertible at the Geneva Motor Show 2004, Gosub developed a game visitors could play at the Mini exhibition stand. My job was to model and texture the car so that it complied with the requirements of the game engine used.

©gosub & respective clients

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